UnitBirwelco reinforces specialist engineering credentials with completion of major contract for UK power station

20 June 2012

UnitBirwelco reinforces specialist engineering credentials with completion of major contract for UK power station

UnitBirwelco cemented its position as a global specialist in the manufacture and fabrication of complex parts for the energy sector after completing a contract for a major coal fired power station in the UK.

South Wales based Unit Superheater Engineering Ltd, part of the UnitBirwelco Group, completed work on the 23 metre long, 50 tonne steam drum destined for use at one of the most efficient coal fired power stations in the UK, at E.ON’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar site in Nottinghamshire.

As a result, Unit Superheater Engineering has now further cemented its specialist position as the only engineering firm in Wales - and one of only two companies in the UK - capable of completing work on such complex and labour intensive contracts.

Work on the steel drum, which due to its size and complexity was transported by specialist hauliers to the power station in Nottinghamshire, was completed in less than 14 weeks from start of manufacture to delivery. The complex piece of equipment, which serves to reheat steam to propel the turbine resulting in the creation of electricity, utilised 50 of Unit Superheater Engineering’s skilled labour force in its completion.

Speaking of the project, Bill Ledwood, Director at the UnitBirwelco Group said: “It has been a great privilege and accomplishment to have worked on such a complex and demanding contract as that of the steam drum for E.ON’s Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station.

“The completion of the project is testament to the level of skill, expertise and understanding for the industry possessed by all of the team here at Unit Superheater Engineering. To complete such an important component as the steam drum required rigorous attention to detail, proven method statements and a fully experienced workforce and engineering team.

“Our supervision, engineers and skilled workforce worked around the clock to produce this extremely impressive piece of equipment.

“The project was safely completed with no first aid injuries to our employees. We are extremely proud of the end result and the skill level and commitment delivered by our team to ensure that this important component was delivered on time.”

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