UnitBirwelco secures flare technology business around the globe

28 February 2013

UnitBirwelco has been flying its flag both nationally and internationally having won a number of flare projects utilising its patented Sonajet® flare technology.

Internationally, Birwelco, the Halesowen division of UnitBirwelco, has just completed two flare projects in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, for offshore gas platforms. The contracts, undertaken for Total E&P Indonesia, included the design and installation of Vent Tips, Heat Transfer Ignition Skids and Flare Tips.

UnitBirwelco was also instructed by Total E&P Myanmar to provide products to support its platform in the Andaman Sea. This included the implementation of Flare Tips and Heat Transfer Ignition Skids.

Team members are also currently working in Norway for Lundin in the North Sea. The project includes the design and construction of Sonic GRW Pipe Flares and Pipe Spools.

In the UK, AMEC has commissioned UnitBirwelco to work on the Cygnus Field Development in the Southern North Sea. This includes designing and installing a range of products, such as: a Combined Flare Tip, Vent Tip, Heat Transfer Ignition Skids, Propane Skids and a Ballistic Ignition System.

Carl Blewer, General Manager of Birwelco, said: “We have been delighted to have been commissioned for this work across the world. It goes to show that our reputation for excellence goes before us and we are proud to showcase our expertise in this field as all the products are bespoke.”

About Sonajet® flare technology:

Now recognised as a world leader, the Sonajet® design was first developed and patented by UnitBirwelco in the 1970’s to meet the requirements for low radiation flaring on North Sea installations.

The Sonajet® combines the advantages of high pressure sonic flaring with long life to provide guaranteed ignition under all conditions.

The design eradicates the need for annual tip change-outs and associated downtime costs – all of which makes it the most effective solution on the market. In addition, its design is extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet virtually any requirement.

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