Multi-Site Services Agreement Finalized


31 July 2014

Birwelco USA Inc. is pleased to announce the finalization of a Multi-site Engineering and Procurement Agreement with a major refiner in the US.

The agreement provides the necessary structure to allow Birwelco USA Inc. to provide the heater and furnace support for existing fired equipment of any vintage or OEM, at multiple sites both within and outside of the USA.

When asked for his perspective on this achievement, Birwelco USA Inc.’s President Walter Gull commented: “The refiners of today demand much more from their equipment, with a focus on operational safety, environmental compliance and operational reliability. This can be especially challenging, as the average age of heaters in the US is well over 25 years of service of almost continuous operation at flue gas temperatures ranging from 1400 degrees F to over 2000 degrees F. To put this into perspective, what we do every day with existing direct fired heaters is not unlike restoring/upgrading a vintage car from the 60’s so that it performs to today’s safety and emissions standards, all the while keeping it on the road.

Without question, this agreement is an important milestone for the US office and for the UnitBirwelco Group, allowing Birwelco USA Inc. to quickly respond to the needs of much valued clients”.

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