Birwelco USA Project Challenges Conventional Reskin Approach


28 August 2014

In preparation for a Spring 2015 turnaround, a major Refiner on the east coast identified the need to reskin the lower 17 feet of the sidewalls their existing vertical cylindrical crude heater and asked Birwelco USA to provide an engineered solution.

Years of service had resulted in significant corrosion to the 1980ís heritage Birwelco heater casing and structure making the reskin of the heater critical path for the turnaround.

With the added challenge of fuel gas manifold, piping interferences and limited access to the heater during the turnaround, Birwelco USA Inc. developed a plan that capitalized on pre-turnaround activities, maximized the casing panel size, and incorporated anchor and insulation shop installation to minimize the amount of labor required during the turnaround.

Inherent in the design is a rail system that will allow for placement of the replacement panels from a single loading point to one side of the heater.

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