Birwelco Wins Sought-After Industry Award For Impressive Turnaround


5 November 2015

 Birwelco Wins Sought-After Industry Award For Impressive Turnaround

Birwelco Limited has been given a prestigious international award for its work on a complex furnace construction project at Eastman Chemical’s Newport site.

The accolade has come from Eastman Chemical Company in recognition of Birwelco’s delivery of the TH3 project to a very exacting schedule.

Eastman Chemical commissioned Birwelco to deliver two contracts at their Newport site, which required both construction and engineering services. The full scope of work involved engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction to deliver two Pyrolysis furnaces and two reboiler furnaces.

Birwelco Ltd General Manager, Carl Blewer, said: “We are very pleased to have been awarded this supplier’s award in recognition of our work on Eastman Chemical’s Newport site, which we completed at the end of last year.”

“This was a complex project involving many instrumentation and control innovations in the equipment supply packages and was made more demanding because of the challenging schedule.”

“This was the first time Eastman Chemical and Birwelco Ltd had worked together and it was a particularly demanding job involving fingerprinting existing equipment at the site in order to engineer and manufacture additional equipment to effect a production capacity upgrade. The initial engineering phase involved a lot of collaboration between Birwelco engineering personnel and Eastman Chemical engineering and production staff.”

Eastman Chemical uses specialised process technology and required the fast track delivery and construction of the furnaces for the company’s Newport site. The two Pyrolysis furnaces also needed to be designed to withstand extremely high operating temperatures.

Eastman Chemical TH3 procurement lead, Robert Dodgson, said: “We have been very pleased with the quality of work undertaken by Birwelco Ltd, which was delivered to a very tight schedule and has enabled us to increase our chemical production ratesat our Newport site. Eastman Chemical awarded only two of these awards in the UK in 2014 and they are, in effect, our gold standard award for exceptional suppliers. Birwelco are fully deserving of such recognition.”

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