Unit Engineers and Constructors Taking On A New Challenge

27 January 2016

UECL have been awarded the ESSAR Alkylation shutdown at Stanlow, following on from pre-fabrication work carried out at the site before Christmas 2015.

This will be the first time UECL have worked on the ESSAR site and a preps team have been at Stanlow for 3 months, planning and job stepping the shutdown scope.

A small mini shutdown has already taken place successfully to tie in a column in readiness for the main event, which takes place at the end of January.

This shutdown will be carried out throughout days and nights over 17 days.

As on all projects, safety is paramount when undertaking a Alkylation shutdown, as is QA, so UECL are fielding a very strong management team and good quality supervision, both of which are key to a successful event.

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