Equipment Owners Are Recognizing The Value of Accurate Records


24 February 2016

Birwelco USA is seeing a trend among owners of refineries and petrochemical facilities in the USA for thorough and detailed assessments of their existing plant and equipment, in order to update and maintain complete and accurate records.

BUSA has recently begun such a project for a major ethylene producer in the USA, with the initial phase consisting of an onsite evaluation of the existing furnaces, then revising the company's drawings of record to fully document the equipment as it stands currently.

Additional phases of this project are underway, including flexibility stress analysis of the convection to radiant crossovers, radiant coil and outlet piping.

Walter Gull, President and General Manager of Birwelco USA said: “Without question this owner is ahead of the curve. Whether it be scheduled turnaround work or an emergency repair, days of production can be lost without an accurate set of drawings to refer to, to enable the work to get off on the right foot.

"With many refineries and petrochemical facilities here in the USA having been in service for more than 20 years, changes to the equipment resulting from past repairs, upgrades and debottlenecking exercises often are not properly documented. We are seeing significant interest by owners like this one to make sure they have complete and accurate records for the future.”

With more than 60 years of fired equipment experience around the world, UnitBirwelco Group has the qualified resources to go well beyond the supply of new equipment, supporting the needs of our clients with online services, in-house CFD modelling and with the in-depth knowledge to keep lost days of production for the equipment to a minimum.

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