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During our 100 years in operation, we have seen many hurdles and overcome many struggles, it is this endurance and resilience that has helped us during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


The pandemic effected our 3 sites in different ways – our Birwelco division based in Halesowen were all able to work from home and carry out all their duties effectively. Our UECL division in Immingham was harshly affected with redundancies and reduced hours due to the nature of their work. And our Swansea office, USE, remained relatively unaffected, with staff remaining in office and in the workshop producing goods.


With that being said, we are happy to announce that all our sites are now fully back in operation with all staff back in office. 

We are taking serious safety precautions on all our sites and are making sure we adhere to social distancing by:

  • Distancing desks, 

  • Staggering break times, 

  • Only allowing a certain number of people into break rooms at any time, 

  • Propping open all doors (bar fire doors) to avoid any transferal of germs,

  • We are also cleaning the most used areas as frequently as we can, including kitchens, clocking in machines, break rooms etc.


We are constantly reviewing the situation and are acting in accordance with Government guidelines. 

We would like to thank our staff, customers and suppliers for their support during this challenging time and we urge you to stay safe.

We still have visitor policies in place at all 3 sites, so please make an appointment before you visit us.


Visitors are welcome at all our sites by pre-arranged appointment only. We will not be allowing unannounced visitors to visit our sites in order to protect the safety of our staff. If you have an arranged meeting with someone on site, you will be advised to follow our health and safety procedures once on site (a health questionnaire & a temperature test) . If you do not comply with these health and safety procedures, you will not be allowed on site. 

Any member of staff has the right to cancel any meetings on arrival if they feel their health is at risk.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but the health and safety of our workforce is our priority.

Be Safe

For specific information or guidance on the Coronavirus please visit the government website below.

What we're doing...

In order to ensure the safety of our staff, visitors and others, we have created a short video outlining all the steps we are taking.

Work safe, stay safe!

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