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The problem with the heatwave

With temperatures soaring in most parts of the UK this week, the facts of climate change cannot be ignored any longer.

Some parts of the UK reached 40 degrees this week with many parts of the UK plastered with red warnings, and while we are struggling to keep cool in the heat, there could be more problems on the very warm horizon. This is one of the many repercussions of how climate change is advancing at a worrying rate.

While Britain recorded it's hottest day on record, the MetOffice reported that these temperatures may be more frequent by the time we reach 2050.

"But climate change driven by greenhouse gases have made these temperatures possible, and we're actually seeing that possibility now," Stephen Belcher

Stephen Belcher from the MetOffice, warned that if greenhouse gasses continue, these temperatures will continue. While humans, businesses and governments are actively trying to reduce greenhouse gasses, it seems like an uphill battle.

Despite this, the world’s renewable energy industry grew last year at its fastest pace (45%) since 1999, which is promising for the future of green energy and reducing greenhouse gasses.

The targets are certainly daunting but, having achieved carbon negative status at UnitBirwelco in 2020, we know that they are possible. Our recent agreement to partner with Jericho Energy Ventures to provide engineering support, procurement, manufacturing and fabrication related to its Hydrogen boiler (cleanH2steam DCCTM) is part of that process. Continuing to invest in R & D for projects like the production, storage and use of Hydrogen is crucial. Regardless of size, we all have a valuable role to play.

Want to read about our green intentions? Read our CSR report here

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