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Aerial view of the workshop with a large red vessel in the center, surrounded by machinery


Established in 1903, The UnitBirwelco Group is made up of four strategically located UK based divisions - UnitBirwelco Energy, Unit Superheater Engineering, Unit Engineers and Constructors and Birwelco. As well as 2 international locations in India (UB IISP) and KSA (Triple Delta) 

Office block where the Birwelco division is


Birwelco is based in Halesowen and are our design office. With expertise in flares, heaters and a wide scope of engineering design work, Birwelco are experts in design, and creators of the patented Sonajet Flare Design.

Foggy Forest

UnitBirwelco Energy

Our green division, UnitBirwelco Energy, can offer hydrogen boilers, flare gas recovery, as well as energy efficient equipment upgrades.

UnitBirwelco Energy is our first green energy division.

USE's workshop

Unit Superheater Engineering

Based in Swansea, USE have a design office and two large workshops. USE specialise in heat transfer equipment, boilers, NDT, fabrication and engineering design.


UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment

UnitBirwelco Thermal Equipment is our first international location, based in Noida, India. Our joint venture is a powerhouse poised to redefine the engineering and fabrication landscape on an international scale.

Unit Engineers & Constructors offices

Unit Engineers and Constructors

Our Humberside office, UECL are experts in shutdowns, site work, maintenance and overhauls, with an added specialised tank division as well as a large fabrication shop.


Triple Delta

Our brand new venture!

Currently still in the works, we are looking to expand our experience and extensive knowledge into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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