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Established in 1903, The UnitBirwelco Group is made up of three strategically located UK based divisions - Unit Superheater Engineering, Unit Engineers and Constructors and Birwelco. 



Birwelco is based in Halesowen and are our design office. With expertise in flares, heaters and a wide scope of engineering design work, Birwelco are experts in design, and creators of the patented Sonajet Flare Design.

USE - Eon Drum - 1 of 48 (7).jpg

Unit Superheater Engineering

Based in Swansea, USE have a design office and two large workshops. USE specialise in heat transfer equipment, boilers, NDT, fabrication and engineering design.

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Unit Engineers and Constructors

Our Humberside office, UECL are experts in shutdowns, site work, maintenance and overhauls, with an added specialised tank division as well as a large fabrication shop.