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Our Partners

At UnitBirwelco, expansion and growth has always been part of our strategy. We are fortunate to be partnered with many agencies and reps across the world. 


Part of our 'Engineering Worldwide' slogan is providing our clients with end to end communication like never before.  We have strategically located agents in many parts of the world in order to offer our clients the best communication and experience with us. 

Please explore our map to see who we work with and where our agents are located.

Birmingham uni logo
Swansea Uni logo


UnitBirwelco are fortunate to be working with Associated British Ports, with our Swansea division, Unit Superheater Engineering, being only 3 miles from their Swansea port and 9 miles from their Port Talbot port. 


This gives us the capability to transport large, heavy engineering cargo to our customers around the globe easily and efficiently.

UnitBirwelco are also pairing with some of the UK's top tier Universities on research and development into our product range, and how UnitBirwelco can adapt to the rapid changes in Engineering. With the help of academics, placement students and our own knowledge, we are also working to see how we can adapt our products and services to help achieve our carbon negative goal.

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