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Chemicals & petrochemicals

Demanding schedules, tight budgets and difficult operating conditions are common to most complex projects. As an engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm) contractor, UnitBirwelco has successfully managed the construction and commissioning of a range of complex chemicals and petrochemicals projects in some of the most difficult locations.

We provide a wide range of services from conceptual and process design, detailed engineering and the construction and management of plant and industrial facilities. We incorporate technology from a range of sources, including in-house, licensed and client-derived.

Projects handled range in capital value from £250,000 to £30 million. These include new facilities and the upgrading or extension of existing plants. UnitBirwelco can offer a bespoke service that includes feasibility studies and conceptual design.

A large chemical plant
A large blue heater being loaded on to a shop, with people stood on the ship observing
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