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As a carbon negative company with a dedication to clean energy, we offer a range of products and services for the hydrogen sector.

Workshop employee loading tubes into a superheater

UnitBirwelco is able to provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm), and direct labour services for your hydrogen and renewable energy projects.

As well as our products and services, we have also been dedicated to R&D for hydrogen. We are working with some of the UK's top tier Universities on various projects to expand our offering into hydrogen.

UnitBirwelco has demonstrated an ability to adapt customers’ needs and deliver significant value whilst managing customers’ risk.


Our technical expertise and resources capability enables us to respond quickly and deliver high quality, cost effective projects with optimal on going operational performance, within schedule, whilst paying full attention to health, safety and environment requirements and sustainable development commitments.

Large red drum being loaded on to  a lorry for shipping

We've also partnered with Jericho Energy Ventures and its wholly owned subsidiary Hydrogen Technologies Inc on the manufacture of their cleanH2steam DCC™ hydrogen boiler. 

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