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UnitBirwelco has extensive experience in the oil and gas sector and has successfully delivered a large number of projects worldwide, including conceptual design, revamps, processing improvements and the manufacture of a wide range of process heaters and furnaces.


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Since 1934 our thermal group has been a world leader in the design and supply of specialised heat transfer equipment, including fired heaters, air cooled heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers and boiler superheaters of every size and type.

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We have a track record for delivering high quality products through our design, procurement and manufacturing capability and have helped maximise and enhance operations and production for our clients worldwide.

For refinery industries we have experience executing projects including new facilities, revamps, shutdowns, turnarounds, bundle pulling and maintenance programmes. Our products include-

  • Heat transfer equipment

  • Steam reformers

  • Visbreaker heaters

  • Atmospheric crude heaters

  • Vacuum heaters

  • Delayed cokers

  • Catalytic reformers

  • Hydrocrackers

  • Pyrolysis furnaces

  • Waste heat boilers

  • Combustion air preheat systems

  • Flare systems

  • Air-cooled exchangers

  • Vacuum steam condensers

  • Heat exchangers

  • Boiler superheaters

  • Pipe fabrication


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