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With the global challenge of climate change leading to stiffer environmental legislation and landfill reduction, the need to secure reliable energy from a diverse range of sources is now more important than ever.

UnitBirwelco is able to provide engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCm), and direct labour services for your waste-to-energy and renewable energy projects.


We are a leading provider of the design, supply and erection of plants to process municipal waste for the generation of electrical power, for both plant user consumption and export. Each plant is designed to meet exacting emission standards and minimise environmental impact.

UnitBirwelco has demonstrated an ability to adapt customers’ needs and deliver significant value whilst managing customers’ risk.


Our technical expertise and resources capability enables us to respond quickly and deliver high quality, cost effective projects with optimal on going operational performance, within schedule, whilst paying full attention to health, safety and environment requirements and sustainable development commitments.

Aerial view of the workshop, with a large red vessel in the center and machinery surrounding it
A workman fitting tubes into a vessel
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