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Aftermarket Services & Products

With over 50 years experience of supplying thermal and process plant to many hundreds of installations worldwide, UnitBirwelco has established a dedicated spares service to provide operators with security of supply.

Offshore flare in the sea

Our comprehensive replacement and spare parts service is available to clients all over the world for fired heaters, air cooled heat exchangers, vacuum steam condensers, flare systems and process and water treatment plants.


We hold a comprehensive database of drawings, part numbers and job history files, which enables our service engineers to quickly identify the correct spare part. Stock parts can usually be dispatched within 24 hours of order confirmation and special fabricated components will be supplied in the shortest possible turnaround.

Services include- 

  • Installation and Start-Up Assistance

  • Onshore and Offshore Commissioning

  • Equipment Inspection and Survey

  • Design and Equipment Upgrade

  • Maintenance             

   Products include-

  • Commissioning Spares

  • Operational Spares

  • Replacement Equipment

  • Obsolete Component Upgrade

  • Spare parts

From Flare tips to Furnaces, our Aftermarket Team is always on hand to help. We can guarantee quick quotes, fast shipping time and a dedicated team to assist throughout. We're there when you need us - whenever and wherever.


  • Dedicated spares service offering comprehensive replacement and spare parts service

  • Our QA system ensures all parts are supplied to match the original specification

  • Fast turn around times on all spares

  • A highly skilled team who will be on hand to assist with any queries

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