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Equality, diversity
& inclusion


nited. UnitBirwelco have five divisions across the world, operating on this scale opens up opportunities to be representative of all and create a culture in which everyone feels part of. Despite being separate physical locations, our business operates efficiently as a group through maintaining effective and transparent daily communications. We are one unit, one group. 


on-discriminatory. We ensure all employees are aware of acceptable behaviour in the workplace. No one should be discriminated against based on a protected characteristic and our HR manager is actively on board to investigate any complaints appropriately. We currently hire based on talent and are looking to introduce blind recruitment methods with the aim of further reducing / eliminating bias in recruitment and selection. 


nclusiveness. As a group, we consist of a diverse range of individuals. We aim for a working environment in which everyone feels respected, accepted, supported and valued. We actively encourage participation from each individual in daily operations and decision making, fostering an inclusive culture.


alent pool. Our research shows heterogeneous teams often have a wider range of ideas than homogeneous teams. In the current work climate (including the impact of Covid-19), businesses are expected to be agile therefore diversity is key to remain competitive and innovative. As a result, it is highly important the hiring process is exclusively based on talent, rather than other characteristics.


elongingness. According to Maslow, one of the psychological needs of human beings is the feeling of belongingness. Everyone wants to feel a part of something whether it be; a family, social group or organisational culture, the feeling matters. We hope to create a sense of belonging by encouraging team building and friendship formation within the company. We continually train managers to create an open forum for any discussion an employee may have.


mpartial. We may all think of ourselves as unbiased however, unconscious biases refer to hidden thought patterns we may not be aware of. Often these thoughts are assumptions or stereotypes that prevent us from making objective decisions (based on facts). For example, according to The Implicit Association test 70% of people  associate men with career and women with family. At UnitBirwelco, we are looking to introduce training so our employees recognise these patterns and learn to overcome them. 


esponible. To enable change it is significant that businesses and individuals address and challenge any injustices. For businesses, it is all about taking responsibility to act and for individuals taking personal responsibility for one's thoughts and actions. Taking responsibility increases brand recognition. Being proactive is how aims are achieved and there is still progression to be made in the area of diversity and inclusion.


elcoming. We pride ourselves on supporting a welcoming team environment. Each individual receieves a thorough induction to ensure they are comfortable with their job role and as a chance to meet team members.

The initial support continues throughout the role through regular check-ins with their manager to track progress.


quality. UnitBirwelco is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Employment decisions are made irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, protected by law. Although these characteristics exist, gender inequality is still an extensive issue in organisations therefore there is great need for commitment and improvement towards this area.


oyalty. We are developing a working environment in which all employees want to stay and contribute towards. Championing opportunities for career progression is a step in the right direction to try and retain individuals.


hange. Although small changes have been made, the large proportion of employers still have a long road ahead in order to increase equality, diversity and inclusion. Businesses should aspire to become change-catalysts, through establishing a vision, a strategy and motivating employees to deliver outcomes. Taking action is what fosters change!


penness. Businesses should drive towards creating an organisational culture of openness and acceptance. We strive to maintain an open work environment for all our employees, irrespective of any characteristics. To help our employees develop their talents, we offer challenging roles with opportunities for development in a open business environment.

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