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UnitBirwelco has a global reputation for manufacturing best-in-class fired heaters, waste heat recovery units and flare systems.

UnitBirwelco’s front-end engineering design packages recognise the level of detail required to fully define engineering scope and ensure smooth transition through to the physical engineering phase.

By building a complete understanding of clients’ requirements, and by utilising in-house construction, safety and operational expertise, we are able to develop the optimal technical and commercial engineering solutions.


Initial process design, HSE engineering and process control studies enable UnitBirwelco to move efficiently into detailed design with a full understanding of the overall engineering solution.

UnitBirwelco has multi discipline expertise including:



  • Process engineering

  • Instrumentation and system integration

  • Electrical engineering

  • Equipment

  • Civil and structural engineering

  • Piping and mechanical engineering

  • EC & I Capabilities



We also recognise the added difficulties associated with revamp and retrofit projects and have extensive experience of managing the required interface work with existing operational plant and the subsequent engineering exercise.

“We are able to develop the optimal technical and commercial engineering solutions. With a wide range of products and services, we can ensure bespoke design to fit your needs”


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