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Flare Gas Recovery- 
A Sustainable Solution

UnitBirwelco offers a full scope of inclusive in-house

services: process and engineering design, manufacturing,

installation and commissioning for Flare Gas Recovery packages.

Flare gas recovery system diagram

Our 40 years experience as a leading global supplier of flare systems ensures our Flare Gas Recovery systems meet the requirements of our Clients and satisfy the most demanding industry and internationally recognised standards.


Our capability and experience allows us to provide Flare Gas Recovery units as part of a new flare system or as an additional installation within an existing flare system, all to suit the client’s specific requirements. These systems not only add value monetarily, but also by environmental improvements through the active reduction of waste gas emission. 

Services offered

  • Feasibility and economic studies. Our engineers can determine whether a flare gas recovery system will benefit your facility, with recommendations on equipment selection and sizing.

  • Bespoke engineering design to customer requirements and in full compliance with PED, ATEX and other industry standards.

  • Complete skid mounted packages or pre-assembled and tested modular units with control systems.

  • Spares

  • Recovered gas dew pointing, gas sweetening.


  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Monetisation of previously wasted material.

  • Lower noise and visible pollution.

 We’re always ready to tackle new projects and help you elevate your business. Get in touch, let’s chat.


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