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The Sonajet® principle-  A Patented Design

Now recognised as a world leader, the Sonajet® design was first developed and patented by UnitBirwelco in the 1970’s to meet the requirements for low radiation flaring on North Sea installations.

The Sonajet® combines the advantages of high pressure sonic flaring with long life to provide guaranteed ignition under all conditions.

The Sonajet® design solution eradicates the need for annual tip change-outs and associated downtime costs – all of which makes it the most effective solution on the market. In addition, its design is extremely flexible and can be tailored to meet virtually any requirement.

A proportion of the high pressure gas is throttled and expanded to produce a low velocity gas stream, which produces a stable flame. The low pressure flame ensures a continuous ignition source for the remaining high pressure gas exiting the tip, even under maximum flow and blow-down conditions. As a result, flame lift and blow out are avoided.


System Benefits

  • Total reliability with flare Ignition systems

  • Proven, safe pilot monitoring in all atmospheres

  • Reliable, sturdy support structures, stacks or derricks

  • Seals, vessels and anti-diffusion barriers for peace of mind

  • Back-up skids and control systems to ensure operation

  • Total spares support – a simple call away

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