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heat exchangers - world renowned 

UnitBirwelco has designed and supplied more that 5,000 heat exchangers over the past 50 years, including coolers, evaporators, exchangers, reboilers, steam generators, superheaters and vaporiser units.

Heat exchanger in factory

We specialise in designing and producing bespoke units, tailor made for specific processes.


Exchanger types:



  • Shell & Tube Exchangers

  • U-tube

  • Fixed tube sheet

  • Fixed tube sheet with expansion or packed joint

  • Floating tube sheet (floating head)

  • Multi-tube (Brown Fin)

  • Double-pipe



Mechanical design standards are to Tubular Exchanger Manufacturing Association’s (TEMA), API 660, OCMA, ANSI ASTM, ASME and British Standard requirements. Our quality control systems are to ISO 18001.

UnitBirwelco Quality

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