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"We are one of the only Engineering Procurement and Construction Management contractors in the UK"

UnitBirwelco provides a highly experienced in-house maintenance resource for both routine maintenance and turnaround events.


This comprehensive service includes:



  • Full pre-planning and work-scoping definition

  • Complete project execution and area management, including sub-contractor control

  • In-house shell and tube heat exchanger bundle pulling and rebuilding

  • Instant availability and access to engineering and design services for heater revamps and unanticipated work-scope during turnaround periods

  • Access to a comprehensive database of experienced personnel including craft labour supervision and project control resources

  • Support services for spares

  • Storage tank repair optioneering



Our maintenance and re-build services extend to a wide range of plant and equipment:



  • PSV/PV2s, CVs, exchangers, drums, towers, vessels, fin fans, fired heaters, valves and pipework

  • Removal and installation of all types of valves

  • Spade-to-spade overhaul of exchangers including testing

  • Opening up of towers and drums for internal inspection

  • Re-tubing of heaters

  • Fabrication and installation of pipework

  • Inspection and re-tubing of fin fans

  • Storage tank repairs and modifications

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