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ADIPEC 2021- Q&A

We sat down with our international business development manager Mark Light to recap on his trip to ADIPEC-

- What is ADIPEC?

ADIPEC is one of the marquee events in the global oil & gas calendar. To me, it’s the ideal location for not only east to meet west, but as the event has such a significant global draw, you can actually end up having key meetings with potential customers, existing clients and key suppliers that you might not ordinarily have time to catch up with, even though they’re in the same area code!

- Which parts of ADIPEC did you find the most interesting/valuable?

Having already exhibited at GASTEC, Dubai, a few weeks earlier in September, I wasn’t sure how well attended ADIPEC would be! Perhaps one trip in the Middle East for people based outside the GCC would be enough? How wrong was I though! From the Monday afternoon through to the Thursday lunch time, it was very busy. Again, after being ‘grounded’ for the majority of the past 18 months and untold virtual meetings, this was a real opportunity to get back in front of perspective / customers; new and old. Appreciate that the ‘new norm’ will no doubt have a heavy biased towards meetings online. You can’t under-estimate the value of meeting a contact / client for the first time, or just catching up to discuss business and social.

With the current shift towards clean energy, it was interesting to see and hear from the operators and EPCs, on their plans to diversify their portfolios and reaching individual targets to reduce their carbon footprint. There are certainly a lot of projects and opportunities being talked about, seems that a lot of these major projects are early stages though, so it will be interesting to see how that translates into equipment demands from 2022 and onwards.

- Did you meet many people?

With the mass of contacts made in the past 12 months, through networking and attending numerous online events – mainly through the EIC , there were shortages of people to meet; operators, EPCs, OEMs and suppliers. To be honest, there just didn’t seem to be enough time! The day zipped by!

Whilst we’ve engaged a number of agents that were previously known to myself, it was really good to be able to meet potential new appointments before putting pen to paper;

- Al Thurayya Trading, Abu Dhabi; we had an extremely beneficially meeting early on the first day of ADIPEC, which gave us confidence to engage with them to assist us in connecting with ADNOC registrations and approvals. Seeing as they already have a vast network of connections for our heritage products; thermal, static and process equipment, plus the newly formed Hydrogen division, that will no doubt have interest in our first of their kind, Hydrogen powered Steam Boilers! We are very excited about the signing and look forward to a prosperous 2022!

- Rimal Trading, Oman; after numerous TEAMS meetings in recent weeks, it was great to finally meet face-to-face. As per previous agent note, Rimal Trading, have a long-standing relationship with PDO, Oman. They have already facilitated positive initial discussions with PDO around the Hydrogen powered Steam Boiler. Seeing as I also have our Senior Process Engineer, Sudhir Arora, with me, it was an ideal opportunity for a deeper dive into the vast experience the UnitBirwelco engineers have in the design, engineering, fabrication and installation of Gas Processing equipment for Gas Dehydration, Gas Sweetening, Hydrocarbon Dew Pointing, Fuel Gas Skid Packages, plus Gas, Liquid and Solid Separation.

Further conversations;

- Fired Heaters; met new customers and suppliers alike. We’re already underway with a number of opportunities, which also include demand for Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Superheaters. Some with orders to place by Q1’22!

- Flares / Flare Gas Recovery; further conversations with a GCC based company that we’ll look to partner with for the developing Middle East countries. There are some really interesting opportunities, in particular a bespoke Gas Processing package from an operator with a direct requirement.

- What was the best session/day?

To be honest, I don’t think that I can pick a best day, as all were very positive and had equal value. Just goes to show, with an event like ADIPEC, you need to maximise your time there and make the most of the full show. I think I probably managed 3 full circuits of the event! New people on stands on different days brought new perspectives and opportunities. Where the UnitBirwelco group has such a diverse range of Thermal, Static and Process Equipment, I found myself coming away with multiple contacts to pursue!

- Any takes from the conference ?

The major factor me was the fact that we didn’t have a stand / base to work from, which made it difficult to have lengthy meetings. Up until the Welsh Government aligned their policy with England and Scotland to only support clean energy, there would have been a Welsh pavillion, for which UnitBirwelco would have exhibited. Fortunately, though, as a member of the EIC, they were very kind in letting us use their stand for a couple of meetings – much appreciated!! Hoping that next time I’ll be exhibiting as part of our local partners stand though.


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