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Apprenticeships at UB

At UnitBirwelco, we’ve been offering apprenticeship opportunities for years now, with many of our now senior managers starting off as apprentices, we truly value the idea of education in the workplace.

Apprenticeships schemes are usually a win- win for both parties, the individual gets to learn real world skills on the job, whilst we as the employer, benefit from a talent pool of enthusiastic individuals who become valuable members of the team.

There are many benefits to running an apprenticeship scheme, especially in our line of work of engineering and manufacturing. As managers, we know what skills we need to add to our team to grow and support the business, an apprenticeship scheme is perfect for this as we can train up new employees who are tailored to fit your business from day one. In our manufacturing facility, we've got apprentice welders, pipefitters etc. who will hopefully one day, be teaching the next generation of apprentices.

It’s also a cost-effective way of supporting the development of the business, with many grants and help schemes available, it is becoming easier to support apprentices on the beginning of their career path.

Studies have shown that having apprentices in a business raise productivity, but also diversify teams. An apprentice can bring new perspectives to the business, all while diversifying the team and offering new skills which other staff can benefit from.

Over the years, we’ve had apprentice welders, pipefitters, quality, engineering, admin and IT, all playing a different role in the development of our business. Many of these have gone on to become fully qualified members of staff and are still with us today.

Interested in an apprenticeship or other work with us? Send your CV and cover letter to

The last 2 years of apprentices at our manufacturing facilities.


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