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Are Supply Chain issues holding back manufacturing?

In research conducted by a leading Manufacturers’ Organisation, it is recognised that 62% of manufacturers agree that the change in the importation of goods following the United Kingdom leaving the European Union and customs rules have had an impact on their business.

Further, it is concerning that the delay to products entering or leaving the UK market has had an impact on around 50% of manufacturing businesses and meeting customer demand is an issue that continues to present problems.

The ‘knock on’ effect from the supply chain issues facing UK Manufacturers are trialling for business leaders to say the least. As you can expect, materials or products stuck in customs for any length of time is time lost in the manufacturing process when it arrives in the plant.

Some of the questions that can be asked to limit or mitigate the issues or losses brought on by the supply chain challenges are:

How can we do things differently to countermeasure delays in supply?

What can be done to protect our business against consequential loss?

Who is liable to bear losses if customer demands cannot be met?

All of these questions can be answered and dealt with by means of a contract.

With the way the UK’s relationship has changed with Europe and Brexit, here at Unit Superheater Engineering we have taken to reviewing and modifying our contracts to fit the current climate. Reviewing a contract and aligning it with your clients needs is essential for both parties moving forward, and is something we take on for the sake of our customers.

As difficult as it has been dealing with the supply chain during the past 18 -24 months, from Covid-19, Brexit and the war in Ukraine each having their own effects on supply chains, UK clients are starting to appreciate the pressure on UK suppliers. Hopefully as time moves on and we realise we are all in this together, British manufacturing will move forward to a brighter and better future with clients and suppliers working closely together.


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