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Be careful what you wish for

The nature of your job will almost certainly determine whether it is possible or practical to work from home during lockdown. For instance, if you spend your working day on a factory production line, you are probably denied the option of working offsite. On the other hand, if your job involves gazing at a computer screen in an office then, with the aid of some relatively simple and inexpensive technology, it is perfectly feasible to relocate your place of work and function pretty much as normal. 

You could argue that those falling into the latter category are the lucky ones because, provided there is enough work to go around, you will most likely keep your job and your employers will keep paying your salary. 

In fact, a recent study actually confirmed that the vast majority of people – nearly 90% of those working for SME businesses were not only happy to work from home, but would like to keep it that way once this pandemic has been consigned to history. 

However, working from home does not suit everyone and can lead to unforeseen mental health issues in some people. Isolation in your own home has led to nearly half of respondents (47%) claiming that their mental health had deteriorated during lockdown.

The cause of the problem can be something as simple as missing the daily interaction and banter between workmates. But it could be that this radical change to your daily routine has other side effects. If you are used to shutting down your computer, leaving the office (and therefore work) behind to commute to where you live, you have a very clear and tangible end to your working day; the two locations are also physically separate and represent two very distinct aspects of your life. But if you are always in the same place, you can fall into the trap of never really leaving work behind. As a result, you can easily find yourself working longer hours than are good for you.

Furthermore, there is also a tendency in some not to take a break when working from home whereas in a formal office setting it would be mandatory. And if you remain seated or static for too long, over time this can adversely affect your body and your overall wellbeing. 

The moral of the story is clear: be careful what you wish for.

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