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Behind the scenes of our manufacturing plant

We’ve got 4 manufacturing plants across our company, two based in Unit Engineers and Constructors in Immingham, and 2 down in Swansea at Unit Superheater Engineering.

Here’s a quick look into our plant in Swansea-

Totalling around 60,000 sq.ft, the Swansea main area consists of 2 bays, each measuring 120m x 22m wide. They’re equipped with 2 overhead cranes in each, a heat treatment furnace and an NDT department. The other plant totals 15,000 sq/ft which has a separated good inwards area and a clean segregated workshop with 2 x 10t overhead cranes for stainless steel fabrication.

Starting in the furthest bay, we've got our goods inwards stock bay section, material lands here where the material certs will be checked, then when released, they'll be sorted into job numbers ready for manufacture.

Entering the main manufacturing area, it's a large facility with a lot of interesting areas. As we enter at the bottom entrance, we've got a hydrotest facility on our right. As we walk up the workshop, on our left we've got CNC machines, drilling machines as well as a sub arc welding machine to name but a few.

We've arrived at the top left of the workshop now, where we pass the foremans office on the way to our furnace. This heat treatment facility is a huge advantage for USE, being one of the largest in the UK. The gas fired heat treatment furnace is fully equipped with multi point thermocouple monitoring system, and is 10m Long X 3m Wide X 3m High.

Walking to the back right hand side of the workshop we've got the NDT department and the radiography compound where we offer X-ray, Gamma Ray, Ultrasonic, Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) .

Opposite this we have a pipe bending area, where the pipes are placed in a small furnace and then manipulated on the press.

If we carry on past the NDT & pipe bending area, we have our stores and maintenance department. The stores is where we store consumables, verify items, book out items etc. to use out in the manufacturing areas.

Walking down the other side of the workshop, we have overlay machines, bending machines, Semi automatic Tube/Tubesheet Welding, Hot Wire TIG Semi Automatic Weld Overlay and more.

In the rest of the bays you'll find the projects that are currently ongoing, our highly experienced staff can be seen in their blue overalls, kitted out with protective equipment and masks.

With direct links from the engineering & quality offices to the workshop floor, you'll usually find our engineers or quality department staff coming in and out to check on jobs, as well as the general manager and works manager who oversee all the activities on site.

Both manufacturing plants back out onto a large car park where you’ll often see lorries coming and going to transport goods back to our customers.


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