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Behind UnitBirwelco

You may know the name but do you know the story?

In 1902, Birwelco (formerly known as the Birmingham Welding Company) was formed, their expertise in engineering design and flare systems are globally recognised.

Seven years later in 1909, Unit Superheater Engineering was born, as the name suggests and even to this day, they are front runners in the design and manufacture of superheaters as well as other complex thermal equipment.

Fast forward to 2002, Unit Engineers and Constructors we’re formed, offering fabrication, mechanical construction and maintenance expertise.

In 2004, the Unit Group was formed with Unit Engineers acquiring Unit Superheaters, bringing together fabrication, mechanical construction and maintenance expertise with specialist engineering services. Six years later, the group acquired Birwelco, thus forming the UnitBirwelco Group.

The amalgamation of these three engineering powerhouses created one of the UK’s only true EPCM contractors, offering engineering design, global project management and procurement as well as its specialist equipment packages,

Whilst the global pandemic effected our business in many different ways, we kept our eyes solidly on growth. During 2020, the group became carbon negative 2 years ahead of schedule and increased it’s R&D into the growing hydrogen sector.

And now, over 100 years after our first division was formed, where are we? After taking on a brand new management team in 2019, the group has grown leaps and bounds with a brand new sales department which are truly upkeeping with our ‘engineering worldwide’ promise, a new marketing department, new research and new investments.

The only way is up!

UB logo
Did you know the blue icon in our logo is a flare?


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