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Birwelco's Busy Start to the New Year: Flares, Achievements, and Global Ventures

The new year has kicked off at Birwelco with a whirlwind of activity and exciting developments. As we returned from the Christmas break, with increased inquiries, notable achievements, and ongoing projects that promise a dynamic and successful year ahead.

Flares and Injection Skids in High Demand: One of the standout trends upon our return has been the surge in demand for flares and injection skids. This increased interest reflects a growing recognition of Birwelco's expertise in these critical areas. Our team is dedicated to meeting this demand and ensuring that our clients receive top-notch solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

Ignition Skid Progress: Currently, we are hard at work on an ignition skid project, with the skid itself having been delivered to a local fabricator for the completion of Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I) installation. This step marks a crucial phase in the project, and our team is focused on ensuring its seamless execution.

Dan Sidaway's Academic Achievement: Celebrations are in order as Dan Sidaway, a valued member of our team, has successfully earned his Masters Degree in mechanical engineering. Sponsored by Birwelco, Dan dedicated two years of part-time study to achieve this milestone. His accomplishment is a testament to the commitment to continuous learning within our organisation.

Global Ventures and Recognition: Dave Ashby embarked on a short sales and marketing trip to the Middle East, engaging with numerous clients and interested parties seeking production equipment. The Birwelco name has been increasingly recognised across the region, signifying our growing influence and reputation in the global market.

Commissioning Work in Sweden: In Sweden, commissioning work has been progressing smoothly, involving the erection, installation, and commissioning of furnaces for a local refinery. Certification for the project has been submitted, underscoring our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions internationally.

Hydrogen Boiler Development: Birwelco remains at the forefront of innovation with ongoing efforts in the design and development of a hydrogen boiler. A draft working agreement with the burner consultant is in place, and activities are underway to finalise a detailed manufacturing plan. This project aligns with our commitment to sustainable and cutting-edge solutions in the energy sector.

Finalising Projects in Libya: Closer to completion is the fired heater project for Libya, with final inspections and follow-up visits successfully conducted. The successful execution of this project further solidifies Birwelco's reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of industrial solutions.

As we reflect on the rapid and active start to the new year, it's evident that Birwelco is poised for continued success and growth. The diverse range of projects, achievements, and international engagements reflects the dedication and expertise of our team. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, Birwelco is set to make 2024 a year of notable accomplishments.


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