Day in the life - Corbin Wright, Business Development Manager

Every morning begins with a wake-up call from my telephone set for around 6.30 A.M,

I then assemble the shirt, trousers and shoes previously ironed by my fiancé… I’m not the best at ironing or at least she believes that! When dressed I head downstairs to let my dogs out to the garden, boil the kettle where I'll brew a nice black coffee, the stronger the better! After all a car cannot run without oil, right?

Once fueled up, I'll grab my keys & laptop jump in the car and head to work usually listening to Roman Kemp on capital radio… I love that guy!

Soon as I get into the office I'll turn my laptop catch up on everything then look to set daily goals to accomplish, usually a top 5 prospects to contact. Often managing our enquiries through our CRM system, I will chase clients regularly along with progressing enquiries internally chasing the estimating team and assist them where necessary chasing suppliers ect.

Priority lately has been a big push to get back out on site having meetings to discuss potential projects and work scopes, covid has made this harder than usual with some companies still implementing there own covid rules regarding site visits ect, however managed to gain some traction with great prospects as of late which makes all the knock backs worthwhile, every no truly does get you closer to a yes!

Day to day is built up of following up on leads gained from LinkedIn press, old contacts, and marketing for new customers in various industries primarily petrochemical, chemical and oil & gas. Right now as a lot of people are aware, there’s a huge push on carbon capture & hydrogen, so I read regular posts on LinkedIn, follow the news and engage with clients involved. It seems we are a while from mechanical construction for some of the plans as yet however its good to try gather a time frame from feed right through to commissioning.