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Demolition Project - Case Study

This Demolition/Deconstruct Project Started in January 2016.

The Project initially started with 16 personnel working on this Project, this increased to 34 with the success of Phase 1 enabling further funding to demolish a Redundant Heater.

The onsite team was responsible for job stepping & producing detailed work packs for each step of this extremely complex project, Approx. 32,000- man hours was scoped.

During Phase 1 & 2, Reactors, Drums, Fin Fans, Pipework, Steelwork, Platforms, were removed, there was Approximately 500 tons of equipment, it was estimated that a total of 1,300 tone’s would be removed in total.

As we entered Phase 5a this is was particularly complex area with sections of live plant still in operation, this phase was to demolish Redundant Heater, this phase continued through into 2017, due to its success Phase 6 soon followed.

The Project doubled in size since its initial award, this was due to the continued Professionalism, Productivity and Safety culture that was continually delivered by the UECL Management & Workforce.


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