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EIC Connect 2019 - Recap

UnitBirwelco were delighted to be one of the key sponsors at the EIC Connect 2019 event in Manchester last month. The event was a great success which gave key players from the energy sector the opportunity to network with other organisations in the industry as well as sector updates from The Department for International Trade, Nuclear New Build, Rolls Royce and The Department for Business, Energy, Industry and Strategy to name a few. 

UnitBirwelco had a full delegation in attendance which included Group CEO Cy Wilkinson, Group Business Development Executive John Ruddleston, Unit Superheater Engineering General Manager Steve Foligno, Birwelco General Manager Carl Blewer and Birwelco Division Manager Les Reynolds.

Aside from the talks and discussions that EIC had put on, possibly the most valuable part for us was the opportunity to organise meetings with other industry experts, in order to build relationships, discuss collaboration and build rapport with other businesses in the sector.

Thank you to EIC for organising the event and we look forward to the next one.

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