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EIC EEC Event Q & A

We were exhibitors at Energy Exports Conference this year in Aberdeen, with plenty of topics and talks to attend, we sat down with our Sales Manager Mike Wray to get a run down of the event-

  • What was the event about?

The event was the Energy Export conference (EEC). 2 full days at P&J live exhibition center Aberdeen. Organised by the EIC for end users, EPCs to give overview of potential export project opportunities for UK companies. A great opportunity to learn about new carbon capture and hydrogen projects as well as network, meet key new people at EPCs, operators and end users.

  • What was it like exhibiting ?

Exhibiting was great. My colleague Mark Light has lots of experience so I was good experience for me to learn from him on “how to work the event” as he put it! Myself and Mark took turns to service the stand while the other worked floor and had break out meetings. The EIC were impeccably professional in its organization and presentation of the event. Our stand was a moderate 3x3m 2 sided stand with the H boiler and flare recovery model to catch peoples attention which was a good conversation ice breaker.

  • Did you get to see any presentations?

I saw a couple of presentations. The most notable was Petrofac and there UK work in the CCUS market. Knowledge on all CC techs were shared with most prominent and advanced being the Advanced amine technologies being pushed by the likes of Aker Carbon capture, Fluor Econamine, Shell Cansolv. Other notable tech also in advanced stage of development (TRL 9) is Baker Hughes’ chilled ammonia process.

  • Notable moments of the event

Too many to list but I’d probably say the evening networking event after the first day at Aberdeen Art Gallery and Library. 2 Hours of great networking and conversations. Nothing to do with the free wine….!

  • With UnitBirwelco Energy currently taking off and the whole world shifting its focus to green energy, do you think events like this are beneficial for companies like UnitBirwelco who are shifting more into green?

Definitely. Our hydrogen boiler banner caught the attention of lots of people at the event. Myself and Mark also gained some key contacts at some of the main EPCs and operators. I also learnt a lot about new CC tech as well the companies who are championing it and also potential routes to market for the tech and our tech to support these processes crucially.

  • Any other take aways from the event?

Think I covered everything above, I would say this was very worthwhile and worth engaging with events like this or that the EIC organize in the future as there were some good networking opportunities to engage with.

International Business Development Manager Mark Light (Left) and Sales Manager Mike Wray (right)


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