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Employee empowerment in the workplace

What is workplace empowerment?

It can mean a number of different things, but when someone is empowered, they are given an extra sense of accomplishment and the confidence to go on and further succeed.

Employee empowerment is the way in which companies give their employees with the tools and support they need to succeed. Some examples of that can be the following –

  • Employee voice – giving them the opportunity to provide feedback and acting on it

  • Growth – giving employees the opportunity to grow within their position, and move forward with the company

  • Praise – recognize employees for their hard work

  • Training – providing the right tools for employees to excel at their jobs

The benefits of employee empowerment are seemingly endless, all of which result in a better company.

  • Motivation – Keeping staff empowered means an increase in motivation

  • Trust – Employees will begin to trust their leaders. Leaders and managers who empower are statistically more valued and appreciated by staff.

  • Creativity – There is a direct correlation between empowering and creativity. When employees are feeling empowered, they are more likely to increase collaboration, creativity, and are committed to more meaningful goals.

  • Stronger teams- Being empowered increases collaboration, motivation and helps develop workplace relationships

The bottom line is that companies that promote employee empowerment are simply performing better than the ones that don’t. Statistically, businesses with motivated workers are 21% more profitable than those without.

We all play key roles in creating a secure environment for all employees, and employee empowerment is the way forward.


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