Future Energy Asia Event Q&A

Q: What was the event about?

A: The event was focused on energy transition, looking to attract all types of companies from across Asia, to see the latest offerings from companies like UnitBirwelco, who can assist tradition energy companies in reducing their carbon footprint.

Q: What was it like exhibiting?

A: Being the first event since post COVID, I was slightly nervous of the potential attendance. Over the years, having visited a number of countries in Asia, you can’t help but notice the amount of people that would wear masks on transportation and areas where masses gather. Fortunately, the event was well attended – 99% of people wearing masks. Also, it was noticeable the way that Asian people conduct themselves; certainly, more reserved and in some instances, reluctant to engage in any in-depth conversations – not like events I’ve exhibited at in the west and Middle East. Maybe a cultural difference? Or perhaps confidence in speaking English, because my Thai is virtually non-existent!

Q: Any notable moments of the event

A: I was very surprised and delighted at the amount of people that came to the stand to understand more about UnitBirwelco, especially our Energy division, which is focused on working with closely with clients to ease them through the pain of reducing their emissions and carbon footprint. The highlight was actually receiving a delegation from Eastern Europe on to the UnitBirwelco stand; 8 people in total, all extremely keen to hear about the Hydrogen Boiler, which they are seriously interested in incorporating into a new housing development. The Hydrogen Boiler would be part of a clean energy park that will provide power to circa 10,000 homes. Seeing as the summer holidays are now upon us though, we have agreed to catch up early September, for an initial discussion with Sudhir Arora – General Manager, UnitBirwelco Energy, before making a site visit to the proposed development site during Q4’22.

The only negative that I can take from the event was that after the networking event on the first night, the heavens opened! Boy did it rain!! I’ve never seen anything like it! Whilst amusing having to wade ankle deep in warm puddles / rivers of rain water, it had a detrimental affect on the morning of day 2, as some of the roads in Bangkok, were still flooded. No panic from the locals though, the even picked up again by the afternoon though!

Q: It is noted that Southeast Asia will be the 4th largest economy in the world by 2030, do you think a large section of this will be focused on green energy, and how do UnitBirwelco fit into this?

A: Solar already plays a big part in South-East Asia. On speaking with event attendees, the is focused on Hydrogen and Carbon Capture (CCuS). From previous experience, I was already aware of a number of projects across Asia, where they are maximizing clean energy to power remote locations. I can see 2 areas where UnitBirwelco can make a significant contribution to the energy transition in South-East Asia;

1) engaging with clients to offer solutions to assist them with reducing emissions; i had a number of tentative discussions around Flare Gas Recovery. Also, conversations around NOx reductions too.

2) New projects / investment in clean energy plants. Whilst clients are interested to invest in Hydrogen generation, they were also very interested to learn more about utilizing the Hydrogen for power. This is were there was significant interest in our zero emissions Hydrogen Boiler.

Q: Any other take aways from the event?

A: From a personal perspective, as already mentioned, it was an education in business interaction with Asian culture.

‘Give aways’; having exhibited at 2 previous events in the Middle East, attendees would only tend to exchange business cards. Here though, flyers and pens were welcome by all visiting the stand, and those just passing. So, note to self, more pens in future!

Q: Any other exhibitions on the horizon?

A: Yes, there are a significant number. Some new events focused on clean energy, plus some traditional events that will no doubt have a significant ‘green’ section. Looking at the remainder of 2022 though, notable events will be;

- September; Gastech (Milan), Oil & Gas Asia (Malaysia), Investing in Green Hydrogen (Singapore).

- October; Hydrogen Technology Expo (Germany), ADIPEC (UAE).

- November; Oil & Gas Thailand, OSEA (Singapore).