Group wide systems two years on!

I believe success is all about how you perform at every level of your organisation. Accreditation across each division to OHSAS18001 now ISO45001, ISO14001 and ISO9001 standards is an integral part of this and would allow us to promote an integrated culture of continual improvement. Businesses today simply can’t afford to take an improvised, reactive approach to risk. Using our understanding of these standards our aim was to identify our risks and minimize them. We also aimed to look closely at how we’re using energy and resources in line with these standards to save us money and improve our image while benefiting the environment. It was also clear that in a global economy of rapidly emerging new technologies and markets, these standards help set the rules and establish the frameworks, making it easier to innovate successfully.

Well, it has been two years since I started on this journey. So how are we doing?

Firstly, it has not been without its challenges. We have all had to adjust to Brexit and changing legislation along with a global pandemic thrown in which none of us could have foreseen. Enough for anybody to lose pace. But not us, In June 2019, the UK became the first major country to legislate for a net-zero target for carbon emissions by 2050. We accepted this new challenge and started planning accordingly to become a carbon neutral organisation.

On the carbon neutral challenge UnitBirwelco Limited (The Group), has managed to achieve ‘Carbon Negative’ status two years ahead of our own aggressive target.

Originally scheduled for 2022, The Group reached its destination in the final quarter of 2020 by applying a rigorous ‘five-step’ plan, which started with identifying those areas of the operation where reductions could most easily be achieved and then making an honest and accurate study of the level of current emissions. Targets were produced and achieved based on a combination of internal reductions and environmental instruments, making sure that all stakeholders – including the workforce – were aware of the purpose and benefits of the initiative.

Progress on achieving the required standards to drive the business forward have also continued to make good strides under challenging conditions. UECL division successfully retained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications as well as transitioning from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001 in May 2021. Birwelco division successfully retained ISO9001 certification as well as transitioning from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001 in May 2021. USE division successfully retained ISO9001 and have also gained first time certification to ISO14001 in August 2021.

So, what’s next? Continuous improvement plans have Birwelco division ISO14001 accredited by 2022 and USE division ISO45001 accredited by 2022 giving the whole group full Quality, Health, safety, and Environmental certification. Continue with the identification and implementation of the latest digitalisation methods across the business to improve and streamline our operation processes, which will also improve internal/external customer communication channels and subsequently support our main objective of significant business growth.

With growth will come new challenges, don’t let inefficient systems be a roadblock to a better future.