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Happy Pride!

The month of June is universally celebrated as 'Pride Month' where it's an opportunity for all of us to come together to celebrate and educate each other about LGBTQ+ communities through marches, events, lectures and more.

What is Pride Month?

Pride month marks the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in New York, which were a series of protests over 6 days which changed the future of LGBTQ+ activism.

It was illegal to serve alcohol to gay people until 1966 throughout the state of New York City. By 1969, homosexuality was still considered a crime.

The Stonewall Inn was a popular gay bar in New York, it was raided by police officers on June 28th 1969 which led to people being beaten and arrested. News spread rapidly and thousands of protesters gathered at the Stonewall Inn. Protests continued and the first ever Gay Pride march took place in New York.

These events sparked the gay rights movements and paved the way for the Pride celebrations we are part of today.

Why is it important today?

It's important to celebrate our differences, and promote a diverse and inclusive atmosphere for everyone. It's also important for businesses for many reasons-

  • Innovation and creativity

  • Productivity

  • Happier employees

  • Better understanding of customers

It's a great time to raise awareness and shine a light on the importance of diversity and equality in the workplace.


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