Hydrogen- The key to a net zero future?

Hydrogen can be applied across all areas of life, from industry to transportation, with no CO2 emissions being emitted, it means less air pollution, a very attractive factor for many. Hydrogen has been used in industry for years, but it’s making a comeback as a serious investment for businesses and countries alike. With many realising that the use of solar and wind power won’t be enough to achieve the UK’s net zero 2050 goal and Hydrogen must be part of the future energy mix.

With projects already underway in the UK such as the Humber project and the Milford Haven project, with some of the largest Oil and Gas players in the world getting on board, it proves that the hydrogen sector is moving a lot faster than originally thought, with many fearful that the UK need to act now if we want to be at the forefront of the market.

In H2 View magazine, Pierre Etienne Frank, VP of Hydrogen Energy at Air Liquide & Company Secretary of the Hydrogen Council said that “Hydrogen has enormous potential to be one of the game changers we need in the energy sector – the technology to harness cleaner power through this abundant element is here. By 2050, hydrogen could meet 18% of the world’s final energy demands, preventing 6 Gt of CO2 emissions compared to today’s technologies. Most importantly, hydrogen generates zero emissions at the point of use, allowing for long-term energy storage, and able to be produced from renewable electricity or with low emissions profiles from hydrocarbons when coupled with carbon capture and storage”

At UnitBirwelco, we are working with top tier UK Universities on how to adapt our products and services to adhere to the changing energy landscape. We are offering placements across all our 3 divisions and working with academics on R&D and collaborative projects. UnitBirwelco are fully committed to a net zero future and look forward to educating ourselves and building towards a greener future.