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Our Joint Venture - UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Limited

Named UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Limited, this joint venture brings together UnitBirwelco and IISP, forming a base in India.

While we have three well established, successful engineering divisions based in the UK, and many agents located around the world, we have always wanted to expand and grow our business. We were introduced to IISP and realised quickly that our goals and businesses aligned, which kickstarted the idea of forming a joint venture.

IISP OFFSHORE established a reputation for knowledge and sharing that knowledge with their clients by working closely with them to understand key project and operational deliverables. To meet the specialised and core requirement of offshore works –whether it is in drilling, construction, production, dredging, heavy lifts IISP support such operations by supplying essential knowledge, personnel and support.

Paired with our long standing history of quality, manufacturing and experience in our field, we realised that our partnership would be highly beneficial for both parties.

UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Ltd offers specialist design for flares, heaters, heat exchangers, boilers, and other thermal equipment to the Indian market. Utilising our manufacturing facility in India, we can offer the service and flexibility needed for our global client base that are executing projects in the region.

With expansion comes expanding the team! We are currently on the look out for estimators and design engineers, with more positions to come in the coming months! For more info, e-mail

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