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Our journey to Carbon Negative

With the UK's goal to slash emissions by 78% by 2035 and the aim to bring the UK more than three-quarters of the way to net zero by 2050 - it was time for us to do something....

With our industry being a stereotypically 'dirty' industry, we knew it was important for us to bring our practices up to speed and start thinking about a sustainable future.

We began our journey to carbon neutrality in early 2020, but after a review of our practices, as well as supporting emission reduction projects, we have now achieved carbon negative status 2 years ahead of schedule.

The first step was to calculate our carbon footprint, then we looked at our processes and how we can improve them to neutralise our footprint. After a lot of in-depth research into our processes, as well as supporting external emission reduction projects, we quickly realised that carbon neutral was no longer the goal, our new aim was carbon negative.

This was achieved through a “five step” plan that outlines how we will deliver carbon negative;

  • Step 1: Define - Description of the subject area identified for carbon reduction

  • Step 2: Measure - Provide a complete and accurate account of the emissions of the subject Step 3: Target - Set a target to achieve carbon negative through a combination of internal reductions and environmental instruments

  • Step 4: Reduce - Achieve the target through a combination of internal reductions and environmental instruments

  • Step 5: Communicate - Provide accurate and transparent information to stakeholders

We have also supported 2 emission reduction projects, which include Borehole rehabilitation in Uganda, ADPML Portel Para REDD in Brazil as well as planting 100 trees in the UK. By doing this we have offset over 150 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

There's still plenty to learn on this journey but we look forward to see how we can continuously grow and improve.

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