Quick turnaround at Swansea

You can plan for all sorts of emergencies, but sometimes things creep up on you and take you by surprise.

Our quick turnaround division can offer a 24/7 service to retube exchangers and air coolers. Over the years’, we’ve supplied over 5,000 exchangers including Coolers, Evaporators, Exchangers, Reboilers, Steam Generators, Superheaters and Vaporiser Units.

From our base in Swansea, we have the capability and infrastructure to offer quick turnaround work for any of our clients. This includes but is not limited to-

  • Vacuum leak testing of tubes.

  • Tube plugging utilising the Curtiss Wright Pop-A-Plug system.

  • Pulling and replacing individual tubes or whole bundle.

  • Automated or manual tube end welding.

USE also offer framework agreements with customers to store material and pre-fabricated equipment at their facility to be called off as and when needed. This service reduces down time with customers operations and the reassurance that they have spares available when experiencing a critical breakdown.


Cost reduction and efficiency are two of the main benefits, when down time is critical, we can ensure to limit it as much as possible. We will work around the clock to ensure that all deadlines that are set by our client are met on time, thus resulting in natural cost benefits.

Another similar service we can provide is on site repairs. This has been a popular service in the past due to more time not being lost transporting equipment to and from the customer’s site, with our team ready to go at short notice.

Our highly experienced team of engineers are on hand to help with any query, big or small. Give the office a call on 01792654091 or e-mail on