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Welcome 2023!

Just like that, another year comes and goes! As we move into 2023, we like to take a look back into 2022 at our successes and how we can use those to help us achieve even more this year.

Our Indian Joint venture and it's first order

It's already been a big few months for our JV (UnitBirwelco IISP Thermal Equipment Private Limited) as it secured it's first order thanks to the hard word from the team in both India and the UK. The office opened in Q4 of 2023 in Noida, the opening ceremony was led by Vijay Singh (our MD leading the business in India) who was joined by members of our team who conducted a small religious ceremony in which the gods of knowledge & wealth were invited to bless the office and its business. After that, the team of around 15 people offered their prayers seeking god's blessings for the Company & its prosperity.

The office is up and running with its office automation fully online with UK standards - equipped with modern amenities for Local and International communication. The team comprises of highly experienced engineers and designers from each stream of engineering who will support the UK team, supporting growth of the UB business worldwide.

Carbon Negative

It's been another great year for our Carbon Negative pledge, we've made some positive changes in the way we impact the world around us, such as implementing ISO14001 at USE, transitioning to ISO45001 at UEC and Birwelco, planning ISO45001 implementation at USE, maintaining our Carbon Negative status, recruiting apprentices, and working with graduates from local universities.

We've also continued our support on various projects for our bid to be carbon negative- Pacajai REDD+ Project, Promoting improved cooking practices in Nigeria and UK tree planting.

We look forward to continue our carbon negative journey, we're currently investing a lot of time into developing our clean energy products, and offering our clients clean energy solutions.

Quality standards

We're always looking to improve the way we do things, the quality department of all of our divisions have been busy this year not only making sure our products and services are of the highest quality that we are known for, but also working on our accreditations an expanding our scope even further. This includes -

- Unit Superheater Engineering completing their Joint Review for ASME S, U and R stamps. They have also expanded their scope to include repair of US Dot Transport Tanks.

- Unit Engineers and Constructors in Immingham were successfully accredited in accordance with the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) for fabrication of piping and pressure vessels using carbon steel, stainless steels and alloys.

- Unit Superheater Engineering implementing ISO14001 and in the process of obtaining 45001.

- Transitioning to ISO45001 at UEC and Birwelco

- UEC re-certified for ISO 9001

To name but a few!

2022 was a great year for the UB group, full of successes but also challenges, with the aftermath of Covid-19 and Brexit, we're still encountering issues with our supply chain among other things, but it's these problems that will make us a stronger company in the future. We look forward to what we achieve in 2023, but more importantly what we can learn from what is to come.


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