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Working Together - A Group Solution

A major British FMCG company turned to UnitBirwelco at the end of July with an urgent requirement and just a few weeks later fabrication started.

With an aid of one of our group companies - UEC in Immingham, 40 tonnes of materials have been procured and delivered to our facility in Unit Superheater Engineering, Swansea.

Our talented team of engineers and fabricators have mobilised to finish 523 metres of pipework in just 6 weeks. We’ve been working around the clock 7 days per week to deliver spools varying from ½’’NB to 14’’NB in size, mainly in stainless steel 316L, but also 304L and some in carbon steel. We’ve utilized around 800 different types of fittings, from weld neck through slip-on and socket welded flanges, 90 and 45 deg elbows, weldolets, latrolets, reducers, tees, inserts, swages, couplings and unions finishing off with valves and blind flanges as well as some pipe supports.

All of the 950 welds produced were subject to NDE followed by hydrostatic tests of spools, all in line with PESR and ASME 31.3. Once finished, the staggered pipework delivery to site was accompanied by delivery of field kits (bolts/nuts and gaskets) boxed and tagged per each of the 65 isometric drawings we’ve been working to.

For some, this would’ve been 6 weeks of madness. For us, it was ‘business as usual’. What a great achievement which represents our strengths and capabilities as a group and shows that our current and new customers can rely on our expertise and experience.


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