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Workplace Wellbeing

Promoting employee wellbeing can prevent stress and create environments where individuals feel like they can thrive. There is an obvious link between employee satisfaction and organisational success.

As companies prepare for the "living with covid" plan, identifying conditions and offering support for employees affected by them should be top of everyone's list.

How do we boost employee wellbeing? Is a question for all managers to be asking.

Some wellbeing initiatives to adapt could be-

- Helping employees achieve goals

Providing adequate training and helping employees set and achieve goals will help them feel valued.

- Introduce wellbeing benefits

Having discounted gym memberships, wellbeing apps, cycle to work schemes, healthcare discounts, will all make a different to employee wellbeing.

- Arrange work gatherings

This will not only better workplace wellbeing, but encourage stronger teams. This will boost wellbeing, but also creativity and success.

- Wellbeing leaders

It's important to have people around who can recognise the signs when someone is struggling. The most difficult part is opening up to someone about your struggles, so having someone (or a team of people) who are able to identify the early signs will be beneficial for everyone.

- Reward & recognise good work

Recognising and rewarding good work can boost confidence and make employees feel valued.

- Workshops & training

Its beneficial to offer staff training across the board, but its equally important to offer staff training on their own wellbeing. Mental health can come in many forms, and it's important to educate in order to look out for warning signs.


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