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—Birwelco historically had a dedicated division to waste water treatment plant design.

—Current employees at Birwelco have a wealth of experience from historical Birwelco contracts and also experience working with other employers within this sector.

—UnitBirwelco’s design expertise for Produced Water Treatment Equipment and Systems, covers:-

  • —Deoiling Hydrocyclones

  • —Skimmers & Degassers

  • —Induced Gas Flotation

  • —Desanding Hydrocyclones

  • —Sand Separation & Cleaning

  • —Media Filtration

  • —Wellhead Hydrocyclone Systems

  • —Preseparation Systems

Available technologies

  • —Gravity / API Separators

    • —Original treatment method

    • —Large tank with high res. Time

    • —Simple design, no moving parts, relatively cheap.

    • —Large vessels, ineffective with small oil droplets, requires long res. Time to get efficient separation​​

  • —Gas Floatation methods

    • —Various technologies available to impart fine gas bubbles into water to lift out oil/solid particles

    • —High  oil removal efficiency, can handle wide range/ fluctuating inlet conc’s

    • —Generally requires gas supply, required chemicals for enhanced performance

  • —Filtration methods

    • —Various filtration technologies available from simple cartridge type, activated carbon, media bed (anthracite etc.) and Walnut Shell

    • —Very high oil removal efficiency, can handle wide range/ fluctuating inlet concentrations

    • —Problem with media disposal or regeneration, large complex systems for large flow rates

  • Hydrocyclones

    • —Uses hydrodynamic cyclonic effect to generate high g-forces to separate phases efficiently in a very short residence time.

    • —High oil removal efficiency, compact equipment, in-sensitive to external motion

    • —Requires high pressure drop for efficient operation, requires steady inlet flow/conditions

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