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Research & Development

At UnitBirwelco, we are strongly committed to improving and maximising the products and services we offer. Our long-standing history helps form a foundation of growth and innovation.


Our expertise spans over 100 years, which we are using to aid product and service development to match the fast-changing world of engineering.

With engineering & manufacturing heading towards a more carbon negative outlook, we are actively performing product innovation to position ourselves strongly within our sectors.

We are working closely with Universities, students and academia to achieve our goal of being carbon negative by 2022.

Given that our industries are stereotypically "dirty industries", we are committed to combating climate change and are looking forward to our carbon negative future.


Hydrogen; Shaping a green future


We are increasing the use of technology to change our business model and provide new valuable opportunities. 


We can promise the security of all data through our implementation of cyber essentials. Our data is stored on a cloud system which increases operational efficiencies and strengthens the security of our IT infrastructure. 


Utilising digitalisation across our business is positively contributing to reducing our environmental impact through the minimisation of paper related waste.

Hydrogen is a renewable energy source that releases far less pollution compared to other greenhouse gases. Using hydrogen to replace non-renewable sources is assisting the move towards a sustainable energy economy. 


We currently have three research projects underway with top tier Universities at our sites across the UK. They are looking at adapting our products and services within the hydrogen industry.