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We are able to provide specialist inspection solutions as part of our packages, or as a stand alone service.

Our partners Innovair are a specialist inspection solutions service provider focused on driving innovation through the development & deployment of advanced inspection robotics.

Using the latest inspection technology, they capture the highest quality inspection data from the most difficult to reach places.

Drone Survey & Inspection

Our team of experienced inspection engineers use drones to collect and deliver data with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. Our stringent procedures ensure our operations are completed safely and we deliver the correct, actionable information to our clients so they can make data driven decisions and examine their assets.

Inspection Solutions

Our ‘solutions’ approach means we work with you to solve your inspection problem(s). Where appropriate we will integrate our services or design a custom-made inspection system to meet your needs.

The Innovair R&D team are developing a fleet of intelligent inspection robots which can navigate, position, and deliver complex services in dynamic & unstructured environments.

Remote Visual Inspection

With over 40 years industry experience, our inspection team are poised to meet your Remote Visual Inspection needs. Selecting the right tool from our range of remotely deployed inspection systems, we complete projects in the safest, most effective way. Collecting high quality data and delivering results.

Advanced NDT

Over 30 years’ experience creating technology led NDT solutions directs our team’s development of high-speed automated NDT scanning systems. Designed for a range of in-service inspection requirements, our systems support our clients to achieve highly accurate and repeatable inspection data.

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