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Bundle pulling

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UnitBirwelco is a leading provider of bundle pulling services, be it for major shutdowns of 100 plus exchangers, spade-to-spade, or simple one-off pull and pushes.

Our bundle pulling teams consist of highly trained operators with a vast knowledge of bundle pulling techniques. This knowledge enables us to specialise in problematic and difficult to remove bundles. In addition to our core bundle pulling services we are also able to undertake comprehensive turnaround packages involving repairs, refurbishment and/or re-tubing together with the supply and control of other specialist providers.


Established for over 50 years and running two hydraulic Mause and two cable bundle pullers, the division operates throughout the UK and holds numerous term contracts with blue chip companies such as Total, ExxonMobil, BP, Ineos, Sabic and ConocoPhillips. 


We have the ability to remove/replace bundles up to 7.5 metres long, with diameters up to 2 metres and weights in excess of 27 tonnes. This allows us to offer a comprehensive service across most industrial complexes including hazardous area working to top tier registered COMAH registered sites.

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