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For over 50 years UnitBirwelco has been a powerful force in the fired heater market, with our design expertise delivering benefits to the petrochemical industry across the UK, Europe, North America, and the Middle and Far East.

Carefully developed in recent years, our high intensity heater technology for crude and vacuum heaters, is still the premier design choice today. It features a mixture of design innovations which deliver economies over the older design of the horizontal tube heater.

Revamps and retrofits can provide significant benefits in extending the operational life of furnace units. Our expertise reduces maintenance headaches, with reduced downtime equaling better productivity and profit.

Similarly UnitBirwelco are experts at investigating mishaps and determining the best way forward for a quick turnaround.

  • 50-years+ of global pedigree installing fired heaters

  • Expertise in fitting the design solution to the task

  • Support, improvement and optimisation of existing installations

  • Repair expertise that gets our customers back into production swiftly

  • Modularisation expertise on hand

  • Total spares support – a simple call away

  • EI&C capabilities

Continuous Improvement

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"Worldwide we have built over 750 refinery fired heaters, from ethylene crackers to catalytic reformers and waste heat trains."