Sustainable Engineering

The race is on to reduce carbon emissions. It has taken a while, but the penny has finally dropped that mankind’s dirty habits are damaging the world at an unsustainable rate. Most developed nations and their governments acknowledge the gravity of the situation, and most responsible companies accept that to continue with reckless practices is not only irresponsible but bad for business. Increasingly, consumers are switching to ‘cleaner’ products and services – a trend that is unlikely to be reversed.

Engineering is no different. With engineering being the driver for change for the last few hundred years, from the industrial revolution to the cyber revolution - it is up to us to act.

We've just opened our dedicated green energy division - UnitBirwelco Energy. UB Energy will focus on our greener product range (including our brand new hydrogen boiler), offering engineering and manufacturing solutions to our clients around the world.

We look forward to being part of our customers' net zero journey, check out our video below or get in touch for more info.

As well as our Carbon Negative status, in 2022 we will be focusing or energy usage and how we can improve it. As we are a company with 3 individual sites across the UK, we'll also be looking into things like energy saving lights, reducing printing, educating our staff on how we can all make greener choices, and maintaining the principles of ISO 14001. We've also been focusing our R&D on cleaner products and services, beginning with the launch of our zero emissions hydrogen boiler in collaboration with Hydrogen Technologies inc (read about it here ) also adding Flare Gas Recovery into our product base, as well as offering cleaner upgrades across our product base.

This is just the start; we know that the more we improve the less we need to offset. Many of the most effective solutions are obvious and, best of all, there is no downside. So, let’s just do it.

Happy Earth Day!